10 Convenient Ways to Get Car Insurance Discounts

10 Convenient Ways to Get Car Insurance Discounts


You must have car insurance in order to drive a car, but luckily car insurance discounts can save you money. Many insurance companies offer many ways to save money, but sometimes it just takes some investigating.

Bundling your policy, taking driver education courses, and having a safe driving record are all ways to cut car insurance costs. Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and negotiate your car insurance rates. You might surprise yourself about how much you can save!

Here are 10 convenient ways to get car insurance discounts.

1. Car Insurance Discounts Begin by Bundling Your Policies

Owning a home and owning a car mean you have separate policies for each. You can lower your car insurance costs and get car insurance discounts when you bundle your policies. If you don’t own a home, you can combine your renter’s insurance policy with your car insurance.

Bundling your policies – meaning one insurance company manages all of your insurance policies – will mean a better price while still having full coverage. You also have one point of contact should something happen.

2. Taking Driver Ed Courses

Taking a driver’s education course can help lower your car insurance rates, especially if you have younger drivers on your policy. A driver’s ed course teaches drivers about being safe on the road.

There are plenty of places online to find a course for you or your family to attend. Some school systems also offer courses.

3. Safe Driving Record

Do you have a safe driving record? Are you never in an accident? Have you never received a speeding ticket?

Car insurance companies like to see a safe driving record because it means you are less likely to get into an accident. Safe drivers mean fewer claims and less money car insurance companies must pay for repairs.

A safe driving record can mean a good discount, but you have to call your insurance company to let them know of your safety record.

4. Dash Cams

Not every company offers car insurance discounts, but you could benefit if you have a live dash camera in your vehicle. The camera could catch an accident and tell the whole story to the police. A dash camera could also prevent insurance fraud.

If you are a new driver, you could also review the camera footage to become a better driver. Or, if you have new drivers (such as a teenager), you can monitor their driving habits too.

5. Raise the Deductible

One easy way to lower your car insurance rates is to raise the deductible. For example, raising it from $250 to $500 can save you money each year. Some people even pay a $1,000 deductible.

The only problem with raising the deductible for your car insurance is that you’ll owe more out of pocket once you have to use it.

6. Lower Mileage

Some car insurance companies lower their rates for people who don’t put much mileage on their vehicles. Do you only drive the car a few miles each week? Maybe you walk to work or take public transportation?

For people who don’t use their car much, you could be looking at a significant discount. Talk with your car insurance company about the few miles you put on your vehicle each year.

7. Pay Upfront

When you pay upfront, you typically get a discount. Paying upfront means ‘paying in full,’ meaning you won’t stretch out your car insurance payments throughout the year in a monthly payment.

Even though the discount won’t be large, combined with other savings, it could be the extra few bucks you need!

8. Anti-Theft Devices

Many cars come equipped with an anti-theft device, but adding an additional level of safety and security can get you a discount on your car insurance.

When you live in a high-crime zip code (or city), you might pay more for car insurance, so adding an extra anti-theft device can save you money.

If you drive one of the most stolen cars in America, and you live in a high-crime area, it’s almost a given! The small amount you’ll spend on anti-theft devices will provide you with a lower car insurance rate and perhaps prevent your car from getting into the hands of a thief.

9. Your Credit Score

Your credit not only gets you a great rate on a loan or credit card, but it can also get you a better rate on car insurance.

Here’s the argument: Some believe that if you have a good credit score (and not much debt), you’re more responsible and won’t file as many claims. Fewer claims save a car insurance company money. And it also means it could save you more money in annual car insurance rates.

Not every insurance company will consider your credit score. Your bank may get you a free copy of your credit report if needed.

10. Groups and Organizations

Discount clubs, college alumni groups, retirement organizations, and professional organizations can all offer discounts to get you the best rates on your car insurance. Be sure to check with any organization you belong to and find out if they offer a discount. You might surprise yourself!

Many people take advantage of their military discount if you’re a military member. It could save you plenty of money each year!

Ten Ways to Get Car Insurance Discounts

Getting the best car insurance discounts are as easy as asking around. Bundle your policy, take a driver’s ed course, notify them of your safe driving record, get a dashcam, and raise your deductible. In addition, discounts can come if you are a low mileage driver, pay upfront, have anti-theft devices, have a great credit score, and take advantage of group discounts.

Car payments, gas prices, and maintenance can cost you enough when owning a car. Don’t add car insurance to the ‘expensive’ list. Take advantage of discounts today!

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