Can I Change The Name Of The Passenger On The Delta Airline Ticket?

Can I Change The Name Of The Passenger On The Delta Airline Ticket?


Air traveling is great and joyful, especially when you have to travel long miles. Before you leave your sweet home to board the plane, it is important to check all the stuff like your luggage and travel documents. On top of it, you need to be completely sure that all the personal details offered to the concerned airline is 100% correct to avoid any last-minute inconvenience. One of the common hassles while flying is the incorrect name on the ticket. When something like this happens and you own a United Airline ticket, you wonder if I can change my name on the ticket. And, then comes the Delta Airlines Name change policy to your rescue. Yes, the United airlines allow passengers to make minor and major name changes to their tickets for an easy travel experience.

So, if you are interested to know about the Delta Airlines Name change policy, this content is just meant for you. Let us get started…

Yes, Delta Airlines Name Change on Ticket is Possible!

We know you’re elated to know that you can now make Delta ticket name change and fly conveniently to your destination. However, most airlines let you do minor changes but you can always request major modifications by calling the official airline customer care number and submitting the necessary documents.

Here are some ticket name changes that are permitted:

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Nickname
  • Inverted Names
  • Initial or Middle Name

It should be noted that some of these name changes will need legal documents for verification under the Delta Airlines name correction policy while others can be done on-the-spot without documents.

Delta Airlines Name Change Policy Helps in These Conditions

As per the Delta Airlines Name correction policy, passengers can effectively and easily make name modifications to your air ticket with/without legal documents depending on certain situations and type of name change needed.

Conditions like Marriage, Divorce, Adoption, and legal name changes need you to submit legal documents to the airline for verification purposes. While minor changes like misspellings, typos, addition/removal of middle/last name, inverted name changes, etc. do not need any documents.

Delta Airlines Name Correction Policy & Fees

If you wish to make free changes to your name on the air ticket, you need to do changes within 2 hours of its departure. This is because name change is a time-consuming process.  The fee varies depending on different factors like service class, type of fare, and more. You will need to confirm the exact name change fee from the customer care department.

One thing is sure that you can make ticket name change with ease with United airlines. So, consider Delta airlines name correction policy once rather than canceling it due to an incorrect name issue.


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