How to clear the B1 English test?

How to clear the B1 English test?


The B1 English test is one of the minimum requirements that are necessary to apply for ILR or citizenship in the UK. This exam is the B1 level in the CEFR (Common European Framework of References for Languages) and is mandatory for candidates to clear this exam along with the ‘Life in the UK’ test to apply for settlement or ILR in the UK. If the candidates are looking for easy ways to clear the B1 English test then they are in the right place. Apart from clearing the exam here is some more information such as the B1 test booking details and so on.

Booking for the B1 English test

The candidate must be able to find a provider that will be able to help with the registration process. The candidate will have to make sure that they book for the exam at least 2-3 days in advance to avoid any issues. Once you select the booking link you can start typing your details and select the purpose of booking for the B1 English test and proceed by selecting the location where you prefer to give the exam.

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You will be given the choice of locations and you can choose from them and the date that you think will be convenient for you. Once your booking is successful after the payment of 200.00 GBP you will receive a mail.

The format of the B1 English test

The exam will consist of a 10-minute long listening and speaking test. You can prepare a topic of your choice to present to the examiner on the exam day. Your examiner will have a short conversation with you to check how you answer the questions. You should be able to answer the examiner’s questions with grammatically correct sentences and the usage of vocabulary must be precise. You have an additional test known as the ‘Life in the UK’ test which can be prepared with a handbook that will be provided. You must know the facts about the UK which will be provided in the handbook. You will be graded according to the answers you give in 45 minutes about the customs of the British.

What will the examiner expect?

The examiner will evaluate you on the way you answer his/her questions. You must be able to understand the examiner’s questions properly and respond in grammatically correct sentences to clear the exam. If your examiner wants you to elaborate on any topic you should be able to explain it properly. You should be able to ask at least one question about the topic.

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These details will help you to clear the exam and now you also know the B1 test booking procedures. This exam has been made mandatory by the home office of the British to make sure you can understand English and will be able to communicate in the language. This exam applies to the candidates who are applying for settlement/ ILR/ British citizenship.


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