List of 5 Cool Accessories for Both Men & Women

List of 5 Cool Accessories for Both Men & Women


This article will help you find out the cool accessories that every men and women would love to have. We have tried to pick up the most versatile items from various categories like home décor, fashion, and tech. You can consider all of these cool accessories as must-haves for both men and women.

The best thing about these 5 accessories is that they make ideal gift ideas for friends and family.

Now let us begin…

  1. Personalised Bracelet for Girls

Category: Fashion & Jewellery

Available @Etchcraft Emporium

When it comes to jewelry, styling is not restricted to women anymore. Many men love to wear trendy jewelry to enhance their appearance. This is why we have picked this Personalised bracelet for girls and boys from Etchcraft Emporium. We loved this bracelet because of its unique style that is hard to go out of trend. Furthermore, it looks sleek and feels comfortable. Men and women can customize their bracelet with their names or any text of their choice.

  1. Brooches

Category: Fashion & Jewellery

Available @ any Personalised gift store

Brooches were conventionally used to secure the fabrics together. They are basically decorative safety pins. Both men and women should have a versatile brooch in their collection because it can instantly turn any minimal outfit into a designer piece. Options are countless on the market so you can get a brooch in any design. Alternatively, you can even get your brooch customized with the initials of your name.

  1. Personalised Car Keychain

Category: Safety accessories

Available @Etchcraft Emporium

Safety of your belongings in must. According to us, a keychain is an essential item for the safety of the keys of buildings and vehicles. This Personalised car keychain caught our eye on the site of Etchcraft Emporium. This is a unique and Personalised car keychain that is created like a car. When it comes to the customization of this key ring, you can get a cut-out logo design along with laser-engraved VIN.

Don’t have a car? No issues; you can get anything laser-engraved on it. Simply contact the seller and request for the product customization.

  1. Car Cushion Cover

Category: Home Décor

Available @Etchcraft Emporium

As both men and women love to keep their interiors organized and decorated, a home décor accessory ought to be a part of our list. We found this personalised car cushion cover cool because of its comfort and style properties. It is soft and 100% comfortable to use. Owing to its rectangle shape, it will ensure full comfort to your back. Additionally, it has a car print with a small License plate that is customizable with any text of your preference.

  1. Earphone Organizer

Category: Tech Accessories

Available @

Earphones are one of the most essential tech items for both men and women, but still they sometimes become careless with them. This is why an earphone organizer is a must-have accessory for all. An organizer will help you to keep it detangled always and ensure its safety. That means you don’t have to put in time to detangle the earphones anymore.

Over to You

We have tried to list the most important yet cool accessories for both men and women that will make the life convenient. Additionally, we have mentioned the names of the stores where you can find all these items at affordable prices.

If you liked the unisex accessories then comment below and stay tuned for more content.


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