The Best RV Trip Checklist for Ultimate Preparedness

The Best RV Trip Checklist for Ultimate Preparedness


Taking an RV trip can be an adventure for the entire family. You can see many beautiful destinations together. During the holidays, Americans took over 20 billion vacation trips in 2019!

Before you go on your next camping adventure, you should know what to take with you. Our RV trip checklist will keep you prepared.

Essential RV Trip Checklist

When you begin your RV trip checklist, you should start with essentials. Essential items are the ones you need in case the worst happens.

You may be on a long road trip and could use medical supplies. You could be far away from the local hospital when an accident happens, and you want to stay prepared.

A first aid kit is a critical item for your RV trip. Bumps and bruises always happen and staying stocked up helps. A basic kit will have everything you need for your RV camping to remain smooth.

Food is also essential, so take some basics. The best RV trip destinations may not be close to a restaurant, so you want to have some easy food staples. Put plenty of water and snacks on your RV trip checklist so that you don’t run out!

Packing the Basics

If you wonder what to bring on an RV trip, take what you use. You need to pack plenty of clothing and toiletries. That includes anything you need to keep your body clean.

The amount depends on how long you will be gone. Always take more than you think you will need. Having a cushion of supplies comes in handy if you use more than you figured on your RV road trip.

Your RV trip checklist should include toilet paper and kitchen supplies. You will need items for eating and cleaning.

Many people keep supplies in their RVs when they store them for later use. It keeps them from having to buy extra items right before their next adventure. You can read more in this article about the benefits of storing your RV when not in use.

Fun Stuff for RV Camping

Along with essentials, don’t forget the fun items! Traveling can get tiresome on the roads with no sights to see. If you plan to take electronics, get those chargers too.

Don’t forget books and boards games you like to play. Many families enjoy campfire cooking, so take any tools you need for that. If sitting on the ground is not for you, have chairs and blankets for comfort.

You may want to add a cooler to your RV trip checklist. That will keep you from running to the fridge when you want a drink or snack.

RV Road Trip Travel List

When you travel, you always need some cash in case of emergencies. On your RV trip checklist, add enough money to keep you comfortable while you are away.

You also need your insurance cards and licenses. Having these items on your RV trip checklist will get you on the road and keep you ready for any issues along the way. Follow our site for more exciting travel articles like this!


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