What is ISO 55001, exactly?

What is ISO 55001, exactly?


ISO 55001 stands for asset management system standards. The main goal of ISO 55001 was to help organizations manage their asset lifecycles more effectively. ISO 55001 is a standard that will improve the management of daily activities and help to reduce risk.

This standard can also be applied to any organizational structure of companies and any type of asset. These concrete results include a rise in ineffectiveness and a dramatic fall in unit costs. This framework allows for continuous improvement of performance and improves organizations of any type or size.

Why Asset Management matters to you

ISO 55001 will help guide you towards significant asset management improvements. It is the company’s best defense for time and money savings. The best way to maximize your assets is to properly manage them. You will get more out of them while adding value to the business.

It is intended to assist you in the correct handling of risks and processes. This will improve current and future company performance. Compliance with ISO 55001 is also a requirement for an Asset Management System. This allows an organization to align its objectives with those of the asset management system, which will help them achieve its intended outcomes. ISO 55001 aligns the organization’s objectives and asset management goals, as asset management is designed to help achieve organizational objectives.

What is ISO 55001 certification?

ISO 55001 Certification indicates that you can help your company develop a proactive approach in lifecycle asset management. The ISO 55001 certificate will demonstrate your ability and capability to support organizational growth.

Effective management of assets

How to manage and mitigate risk

Enhance the financial performance and efficiency of your business.

ISO 55001certification can be a crucial part of proving your ability and reputation to manage a smoother operation in today’s ever-changing financial environment. This certification can help you, an individual; stand out from the Assets Management profession.

ISO 55001 Asset Management – Benefits

PECB ISO 5001 certified individuals will have many benefits.

  • Development of stable and predictable cash flows
  • Ability to manage asset’s entire lifecycle
  • Ability to ensure that assets serve their purpose
  • Assist with business growth and improvement
  • Support an organization through the implementation, maintenance, improvement, and upkeep of an Asset Management System
  • Profitability increase
  • Manage the risk of asset ownership
  • Renewal your brand’s reputation

Advantages of ISO 55001 Asset Management System

This international standard offers a comprehensive business improvement framework that will pay off in the long term. These benefits are many and include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Improved financial performance
  • Increase the return on your investments and reduce costs
  • Informed Asset Invest Decisions
  • These tools can be used to enhance investment decision-making as well as effectively balance costs and improve performance.

Managed Risk

Reducing financial loss, improving safety and well-being, as well as enhancing reputation and goodwill

Improved Services and Outputs

Better services and products can be made possible by ensuring assets are performing as they should.

Demonstrated Social Responsibility

Improvement of organization’s capacity to reduce carbon, conserve resources, adapt to climate change

Demonstrated Compliance

Transparently conforming to legal, statute, and regulatory requirements

Enhanced Referral

Improved customer satisfaction and stakeholder awareness.

Improved Organizational Sustainability

Stabilize operations and improve the organization’s sustainability.

Improved Efficiency and Effectiveness

It is possible to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes, procedures, as well as your asset performance.

What Is ISO 55001 Asset Management System?

Asset Management is the collection of coordinated activities that help to maximize the assets’ value. It has the knowledge and tools needed to utilize its assets to accomplish its intended purpose.

ISO 55001 Asset Management System refers to all tangible, intangible, and financial assets, regardless of their size. ISO 55001 strives to optimize the availability, profitability, and sustainability of your assets over their entire lifecycle. It helps to manage the risks and costs involved in owning assets.

ISO 55001 Asset Management System also covers design, construction commissioning, maintenance, and decommissioning/replacement of plant, equipment, facilities, and fixed assets as well digital / IT assets.


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