BMI Calculator for Parents: Learn Your Child’s BMI by Entering Weight and Height

BMI Calculator for Parents: Learn Your Child’s BMI by Entering Weight and Height


As a parent, it is natural that you are extra careful and protective about your child and provide them with everything that they ask. But, most parents have no idea about their child’s health until they show signs of illness. To avoid this situation, it is essential to be wary of their BMI. Read on to know more.

As children grow, it is natural that their body changes too, and it is not always easy for parents whether their child is healthy or not. One of the best signs of a child’s health is their body weight. Children should maintain a certain weight based on their age and height. You can determine if your child falls in the healthy weight range by knowing their BMI or Body Mass Index.

BMI is a way of describing the height and weight of the person in one number that helps them to know if their weight is healthy. Several health experts from around the world that parents should do a BMI screening for all kids aged two or more.

What is BMI for children?

The BMI gives you an estimate of the amount of fat you have in your body. For adults, the calculation is based on the weight and height of the person. But, for kids, considering the height and weight alone does not give accurate results as you get for adults. This is because the kids’ body fat percentage change as they grow, and their BMI vary based on their gender and age.

The healthcare professionals talk about child’s BMI in percentile rather than a plain number as they do for adults. They show how a child’s BMI compares to other kids from the same age group. So, if you wish to know your child’s BMI, you can easily calculate it online with kids BMI calculator.

BMI percentile for kids are grouped into four weight categories:

  • If the child is below the 5th percentile, it means they are underweight
  • If your child’s BMI read between 5th percentile to 85th percentile, it means your child has a healthy weight
  • BMI percentile of 85th to 95th indicates overweight
  • If your child’s BMI is 95th percentile, it means they are obese

Talk to the paediatrician about BMI

Most parents assume that if their child has any weight issues or has a high BMI, their paediatrician will inform them about it. But, the doctors may not always discuss the child’s weight issues with parents. So, if you want to discuss your child’s BMI percentile, you must directly ask the doctor. Today, a lot of schools conduct regular health check-up sessions for children where they measure the BMI. The school then sends the report home to alert parents of any weight issues.


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