How To Revive Your Lawn

How To Revive Your Lawn


Taking care of a lawn is a big responsibility. There are several reasons why grass can die and turn brown. The weather, lack of water, and other factors can affect the condition of the lawn. These lawn care Atlanta tips will keep the lawn looking great and help bring a tired lawn back to life.


While many people associate this term with skincare the grass needs to get rid of dead cells, old grass, fungi, and other things that can be affecting its condition. A spring tine rake can be used to remove these dead things for the lawn allowing the healthy grass a chance to grow.


The spring and the fall are the best time to plant grass seeds and fill in any bare spots. While it will take a little longer to see the results it is much less expensive to do during these seasons. Before putting down the grass seed make sure to water the lawn. Do not water the grass again until the seeds being to shoot. If the grass is watered before this time the seeds will be washed away. Allow the grass to reach 5cm in length before the lawn is mowed. This will then allow the grass to fill out. While the seeds are sprouting to keep people and pets off of the lawn.

Mow Often

Once the grass has grown it is a good idea to mow often. This will help the grass grow and then recover. A person should mow the lawn once every two weeks in the spring and once a week during the summer months. The blades are the lawnmower should not be set low or the soil will dry out. The blades should be sharp. Dull blades will shred the grass and it will become dry. Be sure to remove all clippings so they do not interfere with the new grass that is growing.


The grass is going to need fertilizer to help bring it back to life and give it the nutrients that it may be lacking. Do not put fertilizer on the new grass blades right away or the grass will turn brown. If a person does not want to use chemical fertilizers on their lawn there is an alternative. Liquid seaweed will give the grass the nutrients that are needed. This seaweed can be applied to the grass once a month during the spring and summer months to keep it healthy.


Just like any other plant the grass needs plenty of water to stay healthy and green. Water is very important during the hot months. The grass should be watered in the morning or the evening when the sun is not out. This will help prevent evaporation and allow the water to be soaked up in the rooms. The grass can be watered once a week or once a month depending on the health of the lawn and how often it rains.


Weeds can be stealing the water and the nutrients from healthy grass. Weeds can affect even healthy lawns. A person should check their lawn often for weeds and remove them. Weedkiller can also be used. There are specific weed killers on the market that will be able to remove the weeds but leave the grass unharmed.

These are some lawn care Atlanta tips. These tips will help a person revive their lawn even during the hot weather. With some lawn care tips, it is possible to have a green yard and healthy grass.


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