Reddy Kancharla Mentions Some Interesting Trends Related To The Contemporary Construction Industry

Reddy Kancharla Mentions Some Interesting Trends Related To The Contemporary Construction Industry


Like all sectors of the society, the construction industry has also transformed and evolved radically over the last couple of decades or so. According to Reddy Kancharla, cutting-edge technologies have become more prominent in this industry than ever, and are significantly helping in boosting the productivity level of construction projects. Being a construction industry veteran, Mr. Kancharla is a good candidate to shed light on the trends related to this domain. He has been involved in civil construction, geotechnical consultation, and construction QA/QC for more than two decades, and has worked on many important projects.

The construction industry has been going under a significant paradigm shift, with digital technologies gaining a significant prominence in the sector. Many outdated techniques and processes have also been scrapped out from the construction procedures. Reddy Kancharla says that the future of construction is expected to be more technology-focused, so as to increase efficiency and reduce the chances of human errors. Here are some of the top construction industry trends of today as underlined by him:

  • Augmented reality: While many construction companies already used virtual reality for their various functions, these processes are expected to be replaced with the more advanced augmented reality technology. This technology provides people to get a real-world experience of a structure, even before its actual construction has become. Not only can people actually visualize a structure through augmented reality, but they also get to experience how would actually it actually feel step inside the space and live in there. Such 3D modeling of buildings and structures also facilitates the creation of “see through walls” for the convenience of maintenance workers and service engineers.
  • Construction software and data ecosystem: Real-time collaboration software has already become an indispensable component of the overall building designing process, and its impact on the sector is expected to increase significantly in the future. In the near future, a data ecosystem where all the parties involved in a construction project would be able to come together and share data, experience, and project knowledge, shall become a reality. This would ultimately help in facilitating smoother collaboration, reduction of delays and rework rates, and ensure proper communication is maintained between the site and the office.
  • 3D printing: While 3D printing is already being used by many major construction companies nowadays, this technology is expected to become a lot more commonplace in the future. 3D printing basically provides people with the ability to either prefabricate offsite or directly on-site, and has a lot of advantages over traditional building methods. This method reduces waste of both labor and money, is not restricted by construction worker shift patterns as it is an automated technology.
  • Robotics: Right from robotic bricklayers to laying roads, such technologies are gradually becoming a part of the construction sites. By opting to add robots to the construction workforce, companies are witnessing significant quality improvement and faster construction processes.

In the opinion of Reddy Kancharla while the most advanced technologies in the construction industries are only used by the major players for now, soon they are expected to become more accessible to medium and semi-large scale construction companies as well. For flooring related matters in home and building construction, get in touch with the experts at Parquet Flooring London for a quick assessment quote.


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