What is to know about immediate dental implants? Check out these tips

What is to know about immediate dental implants? Check out these tips


In recent years technological advances have revolutionized the world of dentistry. The credibility achieved by bone integration which motivated researchers, to extrapolate its application in order to optimize rehabilitation. This new concept of dental medicine emerges with the purpose of presenting patients with great precision, comfort, and aesthetic predictability in fixed treatment.

How long it takes?

It depends on the lack of teeth in particular. It can be done in an hour, in the simplest cases, or it can take about eight hours in the total toothless, or in complex cases. The patient enters the clinic in the morning, and left hours later with his teeth fixed. During this time the wax tests, teeth tests are done, and the desired colour, and size are chosen. This is how the Immediate Dental Implant in Kolkata is done.

Advantages of immediate loading

  • You acquire the possibility of using a fixed tooth on the same day.
  • Single surgical time, it means you go to the dentist less often.
  • Its aesthetic appearance is instantly improved.
  • It decreases bone desorption when the extraction, and placement of the fixed tooth is done simultaneously, decreased resorption of the alveolar process.
  • The contour of the prosthesis (crown) is more natural.
  • Fixed transition prostheses are applied immediately.
  • The person immediately regains the function of chewing.
  • The feelings of self-esteem and well-being are improved.

How much does an immediate charge treatment cost?

The price of immediate loading varies depending on the number of temporary crowns or bridges needed for the intervention as well as the number of implants to be placed. However, o know the exact price depending on your case, you can visit online website of the Best dental clinic in Kolkata to see their price list for reference. Or, you can contact with clinic directly to find out what are the exact costs of immediate load treatment adapted to your particular case.

Success rates for dental implants

The immediate load treatment is especially suitable for single front teeth, or for the lower jaw where the bone is generally more dense, and compact. In these cases the success rate is quite high. Although, in the upper jaw the bone is usually weaker, depending on the particular case it can also be performed with extremely positive results. Also, there are three types of dental braces implant you can opt to – metal Dental Braces, ceramic Dental Braces, and Invisible dental braces in Kolkata.


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