When Is the Best Time to Buy an RV

When Is the Best Time to Buy an RV


Rules on foreign holidays had lots of us looking local. Things have opened up, but our own country’s beauty is calling. And there’s no better way to see it than in your own RV.

But with this spike in demand comes higher prices. So when is the best time to buy an RV?

You want to hit that sweet spot between end-of-season sales and start-of-season readiness.

Let’s take a look at when to buy an RV for the best deals.

Fall for First Trips in Your New RV

It’s warm enough in most states for quick trips mid-fall. You can test things out on the road. Plus, you’ll have time to customize it in the colder months.

You might miss the rock bottom deals of deep winter. But you can save a chunk of change buying an RV in the fall. Dealers are bracing for the winter season when demand is low. They need sales.

It’s your last chance for buying an RV before the sun dips below the pines. And dealers know this. Bargain well, and you might grab yourself an RV in time for a fall adventure.

Reasons to Buy an RV in Specific States

According to Trail and Summit, the cheapest states for RV sales are Texas, Arizona, and Florida. Sales tax is a factor, as is your registration fee. And some states charge less.

Deals can be had too in northern and midwestern states. It gets colder faster there, after all. But buying cheap from a warm state is hard to beat. And you can drive your own RV back home for a test run.

Check out an RV dealership in one of the cheaper sales tax states. See what they have. A few more miles can yield the best bargains.

Brave the Cold: Best Time to Buy an RV

November to February is the best time to buy an RV for most of us. This is when demand is lowest. It is when prices are lowest. And many dealers are keen to sell their stock before new models come out in spring.

Depending on where you live, winter does pose a problem: It is freezing cold. But take advantage of those cheap deals. And you can spend winter fixing up your RV your way. So when the sun warms us, you are ready to move in style.

And if you can’t wait, we can’t blame you. The benefits of having an RV in winter grow clear when the grass freezes. Got time off? Roadtrip to a warm place, park on the beach, kick back, and relax. Leave winter at home.

Let’s Hit the Road

Savvy with the best time to buy an RV? We hope we helped you decide. Course, if you have a trip planned, buy your RV when it suits you best. But if you want bargains and fewer shoppers, better brave the cold.

For more automobile advice and adventures, check out the rest of our site. We have plenty to keep you busy. And we hope our tips make your next road trip epic.


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