9 Types of Auto Detailing Supplies

9 Types of Auto Detailing Supplies


In the United States, there are around 56,000 auto detailers in 2022.

If you’re thinking about getting into the business, you’ll need some auto detailing supplies to be able to keep up with all of your competition.

But what are some of the best car detailing supplies that you’ll need? Keep reading to find out.

1. Buckets

While water buckets might not be your first thought, getting ones that are good quality will really help your detailing process.

You should get some buckets that have a dirt screen so that all the grime and dirt stay at the bottom of the bucket. This will make sure that all of the dirt doesn’t stick to your sponge and then scratch the paint of the car.

You may even want to have multiple buckets when washing a car. This way, you can have a clean bucket of water and a dirty one so that you aren’t washing the car with dirty water.

Plus, when learning about a portable vehicle lift, you’ll realize that they’re waterproof and will easily help you clean underneath the car as well. This will likely be the dirtiest area of the car, so you’ll definitely need multiple buckets.

2. Shampoo and Conditioner

You should get shampoo and conditioner that don’t have harsh chemicals in them. Using standard dish soap isn’t a good idea; get something that was made for cars.

If you choose the wrong shampoo, then you could hurt the car and even hurt the soil that the car is around as well.

3. Microfiber Cloths

It’s important to choose detailing towels that are great for drying off the car and polishing it.

You should have a collection of towels for doing all kinds of things. Chamois towels are more expensive, but they absorb water very quickly. Sometimes they’re called shammys.

You can use them for drying larger vehicles. However, microfiber towels are also very popular because they’re very versatile. It’s smart to buy a pack of them and have them on hand so you always have some dry ones.

You may also want to get some towels that are plush and dense. These can be great for waxing and polishing without accidentally scratching the paint of the car.

4. Vacuum and Blower

A vacuum and blower are very important in your car detailing supplies. These tools will help to remove all the dirt and grime that’s left behind when you wipe down the interior.

You should get one that’s portable so that you can easily vacuum up all of the carpet and seats.

5. Chemicals

You’ll also need to buy some chemicals for your business. For example, there are some chemicals that will let you wash the car without having to use any water.

This can be a better, eco-friendly option, but it’s also great if you’re cleaning somewhere where you don’t have access to water.

You can also get chemicals that are designed to degrease the car. You can normally use this on the engine, but you can also use it for the wheels as well.

Paint cleaners can also be a great asset. They can remove difficult stains without having to damage the paint of the car. For example, they can get off tree sap, tar, bugs, and bird poop.

If the car has satin paintwork though, you may want to look for a different cleaner.

6. Wax

You should also have some waxes and sealants. These normally come in the form of sprays, but you can also buy them as a liquid or a paste. This will give the vehicle a polished look, but it’ll also act as a sealant to protect the car paint.

Now, the car will be protected from the sun, environmental factors, and temperature changes that could damage the paint.

It will also have a shiny appearance so that the car will look like it’s brand new.

7. Auto Detailing Belt

One of the best parts of being an auto detailer is the ability to work remotely, but that means you’ll need to carry all your tools with you.

An auto detailing belt will hold all of your tools so that you can complete all of your work faster. It’s also more ergonomic, and all the tools you need will be right within your grasp.

When you save more time with this, you’ll be able to schedule more appointments as well.

8. Glass Cleaner

A good detailer should also have a good glass cleaner on his belt. This will make cleaning windows and not leaving any streaks really easy.

However, it’ll also keep the glass, mirrors, and windshield shiny as well.

If you’re cleaning tinted windows, you’ll need to buy a separate glass cleaner for that, because they have different requirements when it comes to cleaning.

9. Foam Cannon

A foam cannon is something you can find at an auto detail supplies outlet, and it’s a great way to clean a car in the shortest amount of time possible.

If you have the space for it, it can shampoo the vehicle front and back so that you can quickly use a sponge. It’s also very fun to use.

There are even some options you can buy that don’t need access to water.

Discover More Auto Detailing Supplies

These are only a few of the auto detailing supplies that you’ll need, but there are many more that you should add to your arsenal.

We know that running your own business can be stressful and overwhelming, but we’re here to help you out.

If you’re looking for more business-related articles, check out our website.


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