James Haidak Provides Few Tips On Becoming a Good DJ

James Haidak Provides Few Tips On Becoming a Good DJ


DJs or Disc Jockeys are professional who mostly play existing recorded music for live audience, and at times may even do their own versions of existing songs or play their own compositions. In the opinion of James Haidak, in addition to night clubs, DJs may even perform at music festivals, night clubs or some other types of private or corporate functions. Haidak is a DJ and producer, who is largely based out in the regions of Koh Phangan, Thailand and Amsterdam. Born in Washington D.C., Haidak has had a great love for electronic music from a very young age, and has worked hard in learning the craft of sound production, mixing and design. Being an experienced DJ, he would be one of the best candidates who provide a few insights on becoming a good DJ.

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DJs seem to have quite an exciting life, and hence a lot of people aim at becoming one from a very young age. It however is important to note that not all have the aptitude for it. James Haidak mentions that if one desires to have long and lasting success in this business, they need to be ready to work and strive for it as well. Plus, they must have certain qualities in themselves that makes them a good DJ.

Here are some of the pointers mentioned by James Haidak that underline the aspects of becoming a good DJ:

  • Get some work experience: Like all professional fields, no one can really become a DJ without getting a proper field experience. The easiest way to get experience would be to do work at a night club for some time. Doing simple things, like setting up the music gear, can help people quite a lot in the long run.
  • Learn as much as you can: Contrary to the popular belief, good DJs are made, not born. Behind each and every good DJ, there would be a wealth of general music loving, crate digging, mix-swapping and clubbing experience. People need to learn as much as possible about the club scene before taking a step towards becoming a DJ.
  • Focus on good music collection:  Diverse elements, like club residencies and individual gigs may come and go, but the best DJs tend to have music collections that they build over decades. While collecting music may not seem all too glamorous, it is a key element of the career of any DJ.
  • Do it for the music:  The job freedom and glamour associated with becoming a DJ is secondary. Its prime aspect is the music. Only the people who have a great love for music should try to become a DJ. If one does it to impress their friends and look cool, they invariably won’t get too far.

According to James Haidak, people should always follow their passion and natural instincts when trying to do their job as a DJ.


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