The Complete Guide to Preparing for Driving Tests: Everything to Know

The Complete Guide to Preparing for Driving Tests: Everything to Know


Imagine sitting at the steering wheel in your parents’ car as they sit in the passenger seat giving you directions on what to do. After weeks turn into months of preparation, you feel like the practice is working and you know how to drive.

Finally, you’re ready to get your license!

The only hitch is that you still need to pass the test. When preparing for driving tests, you may feel a little wary about what you should expect.

Keep reading as we give you some major tips on driving test preparation to calm your nerves.

Make Sure You Have Enough Practice

This may seem really obvious, but if you’re not sure whether you’ve had enough lessons, you probably aren’t ready. Part of passing is about confidence because driving requires you to know what you’re doing and make quick decisions.

Taking driving lessons will help you feel more comfortable behind the wheel, so if you haven’t had very many opportunities to actually drive, you might need more practice before you take your test.

Make sure that you also try the DMV learners permit practice test to see if you know the laws as well as you think you do.

Get Enough Sleep

Sleep helps you make better decisions, stay focused, and be alert throughout the day. These are all important things that you’ll need if you’re learning to drive safely and getting ready to schedule a road test.

Not only that, but sleep will also help your nerves if you’re the type of person that gets anxious about exams. Make sure that you get a full night’s rest to perform your best.

Stay Hydrated (and Fed)

Although you may be nervous, you don’t want to neglect having enough food and water the day of your test. Not getting enough food and drink may make you feel even worse, especially if you start to get nauseous or tired before the test.

Try to eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of water before you leave your house to take the test.

If you can schedule your exam to be a little earlier in the day, this will be easier for you overall since there is less of a gap between mealtime and drive time. Plus, you won’t have to spend the entire day worrying if you get it done earlier!

Get Your Documents Together

Before the exam, you need to have some paperwork ready to go to present to your instructor. If you get this all together and place it by the door (or in the car) before you leave, you’ll feel more prepared.

Things that you’ll likely need include:

  • Driver’s license application
  • Proof of identity
  • Proof of residency
  • Application fee
  • Applicant’s legal status

You’ll need more documentation if you’re still a minor, so always check this before you go to take the exam to make sure that you’re ready.

Dress Comfortably

Loose clothing is going to be a little more optimal for a driving test because you won’t feel constricted.

Pay attention to what the weather is going to be like as well. You don’t want to wear a t-shirt if it’s freezing outside because you’ll get distracted by how cold you are!

Avoid wearing short shorts or mini skirts as well to make sure that you don’t have to adjust throughout the exam. Longer pants that are flowy or stretchy are likely going to be your best bet.

Preparing for Driving Tests Like a Pro

It can be scary when you start preparing for driving tests, especially if it’s your first time. However, with enough practice and preparation, you’ll feel comfortable behind the wheel and ready to show that instructor your skills.

Keep these tips in mind if you want to pass a driving test, and don’t forget to look at the rest of our blog for even more driving tips.


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