Decoding AMC Services: Essential Elements to Look For In Your AMC Plan

Decoding AMC Services: Essential Elements to Look For In Your AMC Plan


You probably don’t think much about your water purifier until it stops working. By the time it breaks down, you are stuck waiting for a service professional and you have to arrange for water bottles for clean and safe drinking water. Not having to face such situations is one of the reasons why you must have an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) for your water purifier. An AMC ensures a consistent supply of clean drinking water and prevents a complete breakdown.

Here, we will list out some essential elements that you must never overlook in your AMC.

Key Components in an AMC Plan You Shouldn’t Overlook

1 Cost

Generally, the annual maintenance cost of water purifiers can vary and increase with water filters or spare part replacements. Therefore, it’s crucial to monitor both the AMC cost and potential additional expenses in the event of a malfunction.

If you are looking for an affordable AMC plan, opt for Aquaguard. Their Genuine AMC plans start at ₹599 per year, and they also include unlimited service visits for breakdowns, up to four free maintenance visits, free annual filter replacement, and free functional spare part replacement as per AMC plan.

2. Number of service visits

Water purifiers are a service product, which means they need regular maintenance for proper functioning. Hence, it’s important to examine the number of service visits included in the AMC contract. For instance, the Aquaguard Genuine AMC plan includes two mandatory maintenance visits and unlimited repair visits in case of a breakdown. This ensures that there’s a constant supply of pure and clean water. Moreover, Aquaguard has 8500+ technicians and service centres across 800+ cities, which ensures timely maintenance.

3. Transferability of AMC plan

Choose a transferable water purifier AMC plan for maximum flexibility and convenience, particularly when relocating between cities. Aquaguard offers a transferable Genuine AMC plan, providing the flexibility to move anywhere in India and continue enjoying the benefits of Aquaguard’s Genuine service.

4. Spare Replacement

AMC contracts guarantee a spare part replacement at a fixed cost. However, Aquaguard offers spare part replacement at discounted rates. These authentic spare parts adhere to ISO standards, ensuring consistent performance for your water purifier.

Everything you need to know about Aquaguard AMC

Aquaguard Genuine AMC covers a wide range of services, from routine check-ups to more complex repairs. This comprehensive coverage means that you won’t have to look for separate service providers for different issues. Everything is conveniently bundled under one plan. What’s even more interesting is that these Genuine AMC plans start at ₹599 per year. Hence, whether you own an RO or a UV water purifier, investing in Aquaguard Genuine AMC is a wise choice.


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