Adorn Your Walls With These Type Of Paintings

Adorn Your Walls With These Type Of Paintings


Home is where the heart is and for your heart to be happy, your environment should be conducive to a relaxed atmosphere. You could feel at home in your house, a friend’s place, or even your office based on your comfort level with the people there. Art has an innate ability to give us joy and induce a sense of calmness in our soul. Having different forms of wall art adds an aesthetic element to your decor and brings joy and becomes a great way to spark conversations.

Here are some of the best wall art ideas to spruce up your home, office or even give as gifts to your loved ones:

1.Floral paintings

One of the best wall art ideas, floral paintings are some of the most enigmatic elements of home/office decor. Almost everyone, involuntarily begins to search for meaning in floral paintings. Some see signs of decay and loneliness in a single flower, while others find a hint of independence and liveliness in it. Even the colour palette of floral painting warrants a discussion. Some colours symbolize passion or love while others suggest solitude and peace.

One of the most popular and best wall art ideas from this genre, is perhaps the floral paintings of Vincent Van Gogh like Sunflowers, Oleanders, Irises, Almond Blossoms, etc. Not only are they antique pieces of art, they also add a calming presence to your room. However, for a more minimalistic vibe, opt for a singular flower or uncluttered floral paintings in pairs. It creates a symmetrical look with different kinds of flowers.

2. Abstract art

Apart from being one of the best wall art ideas, abstract painting is also one of the most underrated art forms. It conveys an artist’s feelings in a very unconventional manner, leaving room for interpretation. When looking for different types of wall art, one must certainly not overlook abstract art due to its highly dynamic nature. It is this unique capability of abstract art that provides a platform to spark conversations since everyone interprets it differently. Abstract art offers a different meaning to everyone, making it one of the most enigmatic art forms.

One can have differenttypes of wall art through different forms of abstract art. Internationally renowned artist, H.LymanSayen was a master of abstract art and landscapes. The use of colour in his artworks have a certain lyricism which sets him apart from his contemporaries. Saroop Bhatia’s work is another school of abstract art that’s very intriguing to look at. A master of wash technique, his paintings have a deliberate softness with a touch of romanticism. The mystique of Bhatia’s abstract art lies in making the viewer feel like they’ve entered some fantastical land.

3. Landscape paintings

When looking for different forms of wall art, landscape paintings are a great place to start. This is mostly because almost every art form or famous artist has landscape painting as a part of their oeuvre. Not only do they make for some of the best wall art ideas, they are also the easiest gift options for those who love art. They are generally used as a centerpiece in living rooms and offices. However, to take things up a notch, landscape paintings can be paired with minimalistic floral paintings to add a nature-inspired look to your wall.

Paul Gauguin created a host of landscape paintings inspired by the time he spent in Tahiti. His use of bold colours and provocative figurines earned him great critical acclaim. Similarly, Henri Rousseau drew inspiration from his experiences in the jungles of Mexico to create his famous jungle landscape paintings. Landscape paintings from any of these artists can be a source of great joy to an art or nature lover.


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