Get Nightly Rentals with Safe COVID Short Term Rentals

Get Nightly Rentals with Safe COVID Short Term Rentals


ooThe Covid-19 virus has severely affected some parts of the USA more than others. Places like Miami, New York, Seattle, Washington DC, and Denver have been severely hit. The medical staff here is battling the virus to save hundreds of thousands of thousands affected by the coronavirus. Traveling nurses, doctors, and medical technicians are pouring in from other States to help. Keep in mind that these healthcare workers are away from their families and homes, some corporate housing companies have stepped forward to give them clean, safe temporary accommodation. These accommodation units can be booked online via a contactless process, and healthcare workers can even move in for a nightly stay.

COVID short term rentals – Keeping medical professionals safe

The primary goal of COVID short term rentals is to keep all medical professionals safe. They are risking their own lives to keep others safe. They spend the whole day in medical units regularly exposed to the virus. They deserve a home themselves in a new city or place to rest and relax. This is why these short-term rentals have cropped up to get a safe place to stay.

The booking process online – move in with your luggage

Even if a healthcare worker needs accommodation for the night, he/she can log into the website and book the room for the night. The whole process is a contactless one. The images of the rooms are available online. Once the room is chosen, the booking and payment process can be done securely online. The traveling medical professional needs to move in with their luggage. The rooms are fully furnished with all modern amenities and furniture.

The rooms are comfortable and sanitized daily. They are fully furnished with everything you need. All protocols laid down by the World Health Organization, and The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention or CDC are followed to stay safe and protected.

Hygienic cleaning for all rooms

The staff ensures-

  • The property is cleaned and disinfected with Tier 1 antiviral and antimicrobial products
  • They are washing hands frequently as per prescribed WHO and CDC guidelines
  • Maintain social distancing and promote work from home facilities wherever feasible
  • Ensure the ventilation systems are maintained and cleaned to ensure maximum airflow

Besides these steps, the staff here undergoes regular temperature checks and training to update the latest news when it comes to Covid-19 developments and news.

Keeping in mind the dedicated and committed healthcare workers’ services, some companies give them discounts for accommodation. Though this step is too small to appreciate the selfless work they are doing, it does help to appreciate everything they do to keep the community safe at the risk of their own lives.

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These COVID short term rentals ensure that healthcare workers get clean, safe, and sanitized accommodation to stay in even though it is for one night. After they have checked out, the room is kept vacant for some time before the next guest arrives. This is done to ensure everyone who checks in is protected and safe from the deadly coronavirus that has taken over the world and shows no signs of stopping!


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